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Oh God I am feeling suicidal... ...

A live that you have no wish to live

To choose between live and death

I choose death

::puts stones inside pocket and walks into the river::
(Deleted comment)
just one of those days when you feel sick of life
(Deleted comment)
:: opens mouth but no words come out ::

:: close mouth ::

:: GrinZ ::

SniGGeR SniGGeR~!

:: opens doors for bribes ::
(Deleted comment)
there seems to be something
but haha i shant " PROBE "
Oooo~ Let me "probe" you then.

(Deleted comment)
who is it regarding!?!
::bribes FCSP::

come tell mimi!
DoWaN~ =P
so selfish
to think i tell you everything
CANNOT~!!! How can you even suggest that I PeeCha someone's dirty laundry~!

Not here lah~!