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The show sucks. Trying to be Drama. Luckily it's free.
Watched with cowie, kevin82, shining_tree, stingerx, jaer and jaer's new er hem friend.

Nevertheless, shining_tree took an artistic photo of me which i claim is the best looking photo i have ever taken


actually she is a science teacher....
and she teaches me science in sec 1 i think


Oh, that's where the meniscus bit came in... I see...kekeke...
i am trying to be very nice to you ok!
pls dun make me use er hem bitchy words!
??? I wasn't bitching you, dear child.

meniscus - a fibrous cartilage within a joint especially of the knee
(source: Merriam-Webster online dictionary)

I was just saying the reason that a teacher would mention meniscus would be that she's a science teacher.

...we gotta work at this peace thing some more...
i thought it's the zero error thing of the test tube?
oh yeah hor... didn't see the rest of the definitions when I went through the dictionary...

here's the rest of them:

1 : a concavo-convex lens
2 : a crescent or crescent-shaped body
3 : the curved upper surface of a column of liquid
4 : a fibrous cartilage within a joint especially of the knee
see you learnt something new today
yes, mother... :)