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The show sucks. Trying to be Drama. Luckily it's free.
Watched with cowie, kevin82, shining_tree, stingerx, jaer and jaer's new er hem friend.

Nevertheless, shining_tree took an artistic photo of me which i claim is the best looking photo i have ever taken


what a gentlemanly thing to do!! (i see all the intentions behind it you @!$!%#@^)
dun be so sensitive ok!!! HAHAHAHA

hee hee ok lar i be nice nice wor!!!
promise? how can i be sure?:)
nothing's more sincere than a monkey's promise


trying. not. working.
oh well , can blame retards.
Those who trust you must be sadder than retards than :)
I have decided to ally with FCSB against you unfaithful friend who turns around and back stabs me!!!!