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The show sucks. Trying to be Drama. Luckily it's free.
Watched with cowie, kevin82, shining_tree, stingerx, jaer and jaer's new er hem friend.

Nevertheless, shining_tree took an artistic photo of me which i claim is the best looking photo i have ever taken



got nothing to say

Thanks alot for your compliments

::face now apple red::
awww, no need to be all quiet with me, hon, just know you have a fan... ::hugs::

::signs autograph::

heh, now I really must visit Singapore to see if you're smile in real life is cuter than in pictures...
pls dun have high expectations

i dun wanna disappoint!
Don't be silly... you're so sweet and nice and I would love to just hold you tight and fall asleep next to you...
I can't !!
I am already attached to a cow...
??? ::confused::

oh damn! ::blushes and feels like an idiot::

I'm so sorry ::yelps and hides in a corner::
LOL! i'll trade him for an audi...
please, he's at least the top of the line Jaguar...
it's ok it's ok
i believe he is very liberal!

i would never have been hitting on you if i knew you were in a relationship.. i feel so stupid... i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable...

you're both very luck to have a beautiful boy who cares for you...
hee hee
see ... there is his pic!