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The show sucks. Trying to be Drama. Luckily it's free.
Watched with cowie, kevin82, shining_tree, stingerx, jaer and jaer's new er hem friend.

Nevertheless, shining_tree took an artistic photo of me which i claim is the best looking photo i have ever taken


this is "oh so going to be a mystery"... (For now...)
To be continued in the Fatty Char Siew Pao Series Part II

Stay tuned

Starring jaer and the mystery guest..
I am dying of the oh so oppresiveness of all these secrecy.
::stabs myself with rubber knife::
(Deleted comment)
tsk tsk
gossipy people
Gibe you clue:
(Deleted comment)
I am sooooo dead meat...

Pass the knife.

:: stabs myself repeatedly with rubber knife ::
dun pretend lar!!
stabbing knife into your CB rite?

who ask you NOT to come?!?!!?
see lar miss out juicy gossip!
Cannot come what. and besides, I watched it. No one told me there were spare tix:)

"Welcome to the Goddess Mystery Theatre - where drama and mystery go hand in hand..."
And the drama queen is....!!!!

::drum rolls::

shining_tree and jaer tie at 1st place!!!!!

NOT!!! I wouldn't dare dream of usurping his place in the hallowed halls of drama queendom... You, on the other hand, is a most worthy successor...
I Bow to the Both of you~
You are my Most Worthy Opponents and I gladly step down in the face of Drama Queendom Superiority.
sorry lor
jaer is LAO JIAN HUO
and of course he sucessor will be [Unknown LJ tag] XIAO JIAN HUO
not me

i how chaste can