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My contribution to FOOD!!!

the CALAMARI.... ::slurps::

And I do not need stingy stingerx's coupons!

Doublecheese burger plain, 9-piece nuggets, McCrispy, McNasi......

And cowie darling bought for me a new hp Sony ericsson P800
oh.. tat was the icon to ask u to hold on to the ON/OFF button for 10 secs to off it.. then u can ON again.

Try upgrading ur firmware. i believe urs is R1B.
Go to application icon VIEW menu and System Information. Under the "phone" catogary u will see the version
:: gives lost look ::
Oh JAER!!! come and Be a SYMIAN user as WELL!!!

It's very fun!!!
You buy for me new phone lor.
spend less money on drinks and err heem you sure will be able to afford!!!
u dun wanna be my wife how i buy u fone?!
But you're my wife what...
cowie dun allow leh.....
HUH? where to upgrade? there's no NOKIA care center! hahahaha
anyway! i will hate to upgrade now after spending ONE whole day TRANSFERRINg everything in this fone...

Erm.. u can use the pc suite that is provided to backup everything before head down to the service centre. there is one at novena.

I suggest u d/l the latest pc suite from the website. :)

OHHHH but i am using Imac how to use?
ok.. will try later...