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My contribution to FOOD!!!

the CALAMARI.... ::slurps::

And I do not need stingy stingerx's coupons!

Doublecheese burger plain, 9-piece nuggets, McCrispy, McNasi......

And cowie darling bought for me a new hp Sony ericsson P800

(wait, go check dictionary)

[ The combination of sadism and masochism, in particular the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse. ]

waa...... didnt know :)

dun act blur ok???

you are a master of whips wax and bondage!!!!

Yar, they seem to think so too.. *sigh*


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
I forgot ths scotch tape!!!!

scotch tape's for school boys and erm... you.

i use duct-tape


::screams in delight::