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My contribution to FOOD!!!

the CALAMARI.... ::slurps::

And I do not need stingy stingerx's coupons!

Doublecheese burger plain, 9-piece nuggets, McCrispy, McNasi......

And cowie darling bought for me a new hp Sony ericsson P800
I really do need help
hmmm esp with the sound features..
too lazy to read the guide now
and just now the system crashed...
exclaimation mark came out and points to part 1 and 10 of the hp
do hope it doesn't reoccur frequently
oh.. tat was the icon to ask u to hold on to the ON/OFF button for 10 secs to off it.. then u can ON again.

Try upgrading ur firmware. i believe urs is R1B.
Go to application icon VIEW menu and System Information. Under the "phone" catogary u will see the version
:: gives lost look ::
Oh JAER!!! come and Be a SYMIAN user as WELL!!!

It's very fun!!!
You buy for me new phone lor.
spend less money on drinks and err heem you sure will be able to afford!!!
u dun wanna be my wife how i buy u fone?!
But you're my wife what...
cowie dun allow leh.....
HUH? where to upgrade? there's no NOKIA care center! hahahaha
anyway! i will hate to upgrade now after spending ONE whole day TRANSFERRINg everything in this fone...

Erm.. u can use the pc suite that is provided to backup everything before head down to the service centre. there is one at novena.

I suggest u d/l the latest pc suite from the website. :)

OHHHH but i am using Imac how to use?
ok.. will try later...