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My contribution to FOOD!!!

the CALAMARI.... ::slurps::

And I do not need stingy stingerx's coupons!

Doublecheese burger plain, 9-piece nuggets, McCrispy, McNasi......

And cowie darling bought for me a new hp Sony ericsson P800
::steps on the weighing machine::

62 kg


thanks for latte..

Grrr... ;p
Ok ray boy, thanks for the lift there!!!

still figuring out this hp...

hiaks... maybe i'll post ur 'wallpaper' and 'pair' of P800s...

Welcome to the BIG phone club! ;p~
it's cowie's wallpaper and pls dun post it i look so damn awful
and i know by saying that you will be more motivated to do so!!!!!
so cute the both of you... [posted]


Oh, still got the one with your 100% attention on ur P800 ignoring us at "HELLO!"...

::twiddle fingers::
HUH!!?!?! when you did you take a picture of me?!?!??
you better dun post it up!!!

::takes out whip::
ooOOoo.... no pic also must find pic to post liow....

::quick quick uploads::


:: gets arrows ::
Did u check if the machine was working correctly?.....
::STEPS on newly repaired weighing machine::

the old one was spoilt!!!

Who r u kidding....Liar!!.. Dont cheat yourself....
well i said i was 62kg and you didnt believe me
nowadays people just wun believe the truth and distorts the lie

okie you win!
::joins NTU's debating society::