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My contribution to FOOD!!!

the CALAMARI.... ::slurps::

And I do not need stingy stingerx's coupons!

Doublecheese burger plain, 9-piece nuggets, McCrispy, McNasi......

And cowie darling bought for me a new hp Sony ericsson P800
This is soo sinful... Hope you get fat!!!...
::steps on the weighing machine::

62 kg




Come to me!!
come to me!!

I will provide you everything

erm.. so did cowie get one p800 for himself too??
yeah! we got 2!!!
lucky plaza was selling like one for $1080
but out of stock so we got it from m1 and singtel

too desperate!!! now figuring out how to change ringing tones
What in blazes is a McNasi?
Haha there's this singaporean food called NASI LEMAK which consists of COCONUT RICE, CHICKEN WINGS , EGGS and CHILLI!

cannot be found in AMERICA!

Come over to SIngapore to try it !
What A Flirt!...And I wonder if the cat is clueless abt this....
mind you words!!!!
=jealous jealous=
Hao xing ku ah.... have to diet...
Sure cannot make it wan for the event.
You already got a MO GUI SHENG CAI ( devil's figure ) already mah!!!
come on and join us EAT!!!!

You lucky guy you!!!!!! How i envy you..... heehee! You’re damn lucky to have a bf like him! The two of you like the perfect couple like that. I’ll make you guys my role models if i ever get attached... heehee!
Then again .... i thought you are str8??
hahaha thanks for the compliments anyway~!
Heheh... you lucky fella! Now u can snap and share... XX** er... pics...

Hee hee
you want to see??
i got a collection of em!!!!