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Was a long day at school. My first tutorial finished earlier by one hour which gave me more time to study for my quiz in the late afternoon.... but in the end i did not study much cos the quiz was held in lecture and i can practically see answers all beside me haha...

Then saw a long lost fren... Zihan. Well, at first i thought he was dao, but when i decided to call out his name, apparently he couldnt recognise me when he saw me a few times outside... haha suave is the word. And we smoked under the " no smoking sign fine $1000 " haha it was so funny when you were not caught.

Me & Zihan

Went to my brother's loft and caught zhen qing. This is the first time i watched. Took some really interesting DVDs back home. Boogie nights ( the full version ) , American Beauty and MIss congeniality...

Went to have dinner and met my brother's group of frens. Some with big belly, and they drank beer while i drank my oldenlandia. But the girlfriends are all very chio... hmmm... when can i bring one chio gf out to meet the world?

Went to market 85 and had dinner with YW. Haha ordered O-lua, porridge and chicken wing... felt so bad that i walked all the way home, took me 45 minutes. Not too bad actually... Next time will wear sports shoes to supper.
oei yeepin.... y no chiobu to bring out to the world? U CAN BRING ME!!!!!! so readily available!!!!! aiyoooo!!!!!