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For once I intend to attend all lessons on a monday morning

1030-1230 Information Systems Class: Tutor chao keng, ended one hour earlier, and WORSE! Did not mark attendance.

1330-1530 Company Law Class: Pregnant tutor chao keng and did not come for class when i prepared my article till 1am the previous night

1530-1730 Accounting Lecture: Quiz lasted for only 25minutes

From 1030 to 1730, I only spent 1hr25min of quality time.

Lesson Learnt: Pontang When You Can
oh baby...
poor thing. its always like this isnt it? when u finally set ur mind to do something it always turn out otherwise? take it easy man. oh yeepin i miss you muchly.
oh i miss you too flashy....
well.. if you are not doing honors we will only be six more months apart
study hard!
::just dun let these things happen when i am trying very hard to!!!::
I used to do my tuts, but half the time did not turn up for the tuts.... :) proceed on to ur instincts accordingly
actually i did have an instinct she will be on m.c
then when can instincts can be trusted??
you were from which Uni?
i'm always the opp. I never once did my tutorials and my tutors never chao keng. Just that they dun mark attendance..haha.
you were from poly or uni??
you must be very smart lar no need to do tutorials
actually it's murphy's law. it applies in other areas too:

1) when u are bored, no one will call
2) when u go pang sai, the phone will ring
3) when u are working, the skies are clear and sunny
4) when u go swimming, it will rain
5) when u are early, the roads will be clear
6) when u are late, some idiot will crash his car and jam the roads

and to quote you, when u are filtering into the expressway, there will be a lorry blocking your way...
maybe it's the law of negative recollections?
negative recollections??
negative + negative = positive??
wakarimasen s.w-san!
what about when one light bulb bursts, all the other bursts??!?!!?
for your info the third bulb just fused today in the last week!!!
Ah... but the best of the day is?
You spent quality time. =)

Murphy's law is kinda existent in a non existent way. =P
WE just make it up so we can complain.
how can u missed out:

waiting for the damn bus and it never come. When u're not waiting for that bus, they come in convoy!!!

err...or i'm the only one taking bus, where u all got car???
sad lehz you... haha. i'd get damn pissed if such things happen to me!
what to do?
life carries on
cest la vie...

yupz correct..... u know, last year my English teacher made my class write an essay titled 'Cest la vie'. she said it was some competition. Sux lar