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UURRGGGHH!!!! THE Government!! Increment of rokok prices AGAIN!

Costs S$7.30/hard pack ( up from S$6.70 )

And he tells us it keeps him breathless

Let's keep HIM breathless then!

WHO IS IT?!?!? how come never share with us??!?!?!?!?
so selfish

How to tell!!!
You also never go.
Never do anything la...
=no chance=
But dunno la....

=cannot cannot cannot cannot=
=shakes head=
dun act virgin ok!!??!?!
i wun tell anyone!!!

But but but I AM virgin what....

Bei yuan wang le.....
I'm a virgo anyway.
dun bruff bruff
i heard about the fort canning incident!!!


fort canning?
You didn't hear enough. =)

I still remain indignant!
well i just do not want to say everything on the net!