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UURRGGGHH!!!! THE Government!! Increment of rokok prices AGAIN!

Costs S$7.30/hard pack ( up from S$6.70 )

And he tells us it keeps him breathless

Let's keep HIM breathless then!

OHHHHH!!!!! toey is a kecil also ah!!!!!!!

i think i am going take malay classes for my optional studies
huh?... since when did i say i am kecil?...hmm yah u can and i can be your part time tutor....Anyway i would say that i am besar....not kecil.=P
YOU ARE BIG!!??!?!?
i am a big boy lor....even taller than you...how to be small... and i have a big head...people say one...like E.T. when i was a kid.
HOW do you know i am NOT taller than you?
and i've got a big head too!
but i am not referring abt that
hee hee
::points down::
Well maybe u r....whats ur height then?...eeew.....so RA.....now i have dirty thoughts in my head.....
that means you are not chaste lar!hahaha
i am abt 174cm
well i am 178...so i am taller.. haha my estimation is correct from that time i saw u....
nah... chaste aint a word in my vocab... dunno what it means .....explain?
when was the last time i saw you ??? hmmmm can't recall!!!!
anyway, i am sure i got a bigger head than you do!
I dont think U saw me..But i saw you....In a pretty high state.....Haha thats what u think...Dont assume anyhting u dont have knowledge of.
so dao.
see me dunno how to say hi.

come come to why not one of these days i must go down and see why everybody is raving about your suave looks
Siao!!!...Who has been gossiping abt me...who is everybody... dun scare me leh....I dont think suave is an approriate word to describe me lah...now people will be doubly disappointed when they see me...arrgh....I am just plain looking...boring...with braces....

Aiyo i am not dao.. just that u dont even know who i was then.. how to say hi and u wont even know as u were already floaty....hee hee
well.. i am sure i will know who you are when you said you are toey..
hee hee

and braces.. are sooooo cute!
Bleh....will intro myself next time when i see you then...and u can say hi too if u see me...

Braces cute?....Hmmm?....Thats something new...
Problem : i do not know how you lk like!