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UURRGGGHH!!!! THE Government!! Increment of rokok prices AGAIN!

Costs S$7.30/hard pack ( up from S$6.70 )

And he tells us it keeps him breathless

Let's keep HIM breathless then!

dun have space for new pics... must wait for livejournal to offer permanent accounts again, then can have 15!!!

hee hee
so cute ah?? thought you said you wanna delete LJ liao cos cannot keep up with the entries??
cannot keep up really... sigh... i'm up to my ears in comments!
that's becos my baby is welly bobular!!!
no that's becos i'm damn busy... can't wait for the weekend
::looks at calender::


Three more days darling
everything's gonna be over and stop checking LJ during work!
or else i report you to Agatha!
hopefully tonight will be the last night and tomorrow my work will be finished...

hang on there! finishing

good kitty kitty!