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UURRGGGHH!!!! THE Government!! Increment of rokok prices AGAIN!

Costs S$7.30/hard pack ( up from S$6.70 )

And he tells us it keeps him breathless

Let's keep HIM breathless then!

kechil kuching??? kechil = baby ??
Kecil = small...not baby .....baby cat is called anak kucing....note the spelling... no 'h' in kucing or kecil......anyway hee hee maybe cowie is kecil after all... hee hee hee

kecil kucing!!!
::kiss kiss::
OHHHHH!!!!! toey is a kecil also ah!!!!!!!

i think i am going take malay classes for my optional studies
huh?... since when did i say i am kecil?...hmm yah u can and i can be your part time tutor....Anyway i would say that i am besar....not kecil.=P
YOU ARE BIG!!??!?!?
i am a big boy lor....even taller than you...how to be small... and i have a big head...people say one...like E.T. when i was a kid.
HOW do you know i am NOT taller than you?
and i've got a big head too!
but i am not referring abt that
hee hee
::points down::
Well maybe u r....whats ur height then?...eeew.....so RA.....now i have dirty thoughts in my head.....
that means you are not chaste lar!hahaha
i am abt 174cm
well i am 178...so i am taller.. haha my estimation is correct from that time i saw u....
nah... chaste aint a word in my vocab... dunno what it means .....explain?
when was the last time i saw you ??? hmmmm can't recall!!!!
anyway, i am sure i got a bigger head than you do!
I dont think U saw me..But i saw you....In a pretty high state.....Haha thats what u think...Dont assume anyhting u dont have knowledge of.
so dao.
see me dunno how to say hi.

come come to why not one of these days i must go down and see why everybody is raving about your suave looks