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UURRGGGHH!!!! THE Government!! Increment of rokok prices AGAIN!

Costs S$7.30/hard pack ( up from S$6.70 )

And he tells us it keeps him breathless

Let's keep HIM breathless then!

argh no! see lah told u we shld quit... juz think, we'll save $180 a month EACH...

::ignores mark chay innuendoes, will punish u later::
or maybe we can switch to pall mall.
much cheaper!!!
Jangan beli atau hisap rokok lar...
Nanti kamu kena sakit jantung...
dilarang merokok... <-- the only bit of malay i know regarding smoking :-P
tah de???
satu dua tiga umpat....

hee hee hee... so funny lah you.....yah shd quit... smoking is bad for health....no good lor... cancerous.....if u read the ads on the roads....it will tell you the amount of tar u take in.. which is like eeewww......hmmm and smokers got dirty yellow teeth... sooo not nice
anti smoker here ah??!!!!
ok will try to quit or else no one will ever want to kiss me again
wah...u guys smoke like 25 packs of cigarette per month??? bad lah...better cut down. go buy cinnamon sticks...
cinnamon sticks?? you buy for us ah??
anyway i dun think it's ONLY 25 packs of ciggies.

quit somking lar! get more guys that way...
errmmm alot of guys smoke anyway
heard of " if you cant beat em.. join em"
then again, your golden advice is much heeded
will try to quit
But but.... =sigh=
Cannot make it liaoz....
used to have major major crush wor....

Which reminds me: I saw leslie today at funan. =)
OH OH OH !!!
but mark's younger and i dun like guys too old
hee hee
but leslie's still terrific!!

Mark Chay's sooo cute!
Leslies a bit over exposed :P
Im still trying to find out which condo
Mark stays in.. I heard its not Gayshore..

Hey Yubin we are from the same sec skool!
You are my age too????!?! have i seen you b4????!?!?!
my junior??