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That's what my brother said of me when I spent 2 days playing Civilisation3 ( yeah old game )
Trying to role play someone more powerful ?
Reading books that gets me lost into someone else's life ?
Drinking so as to forget who am I ?
Playing mahjong to get me engrossed in cards for hours and hours to pass time ?

Are we all trying to escape from who we are ?

His comment hit me
And he is right. We are always escaping.
it's true! U were going like, "Claraaaa, tell meeeee..."


::bows to your royal highness::
And yeah you didnt want to tell me so i got to bug her mah..!!!!

ok i shall keep you as my royal bear
well, she did tell u wat... u just didn't want to believe what u were hearing... ::sigh::

Royal bear?!?! How insulting!?!! Hmmmpff!! ::sulks::
but hello
who will believe her that she's ASEXUAL!!!

::pats royal grizzly bear::
or you prefer winnie??
I, for one, do.

Whatever a person is and how he/she chooses to live his/her life, we should, as friends, simply accept and accommodate... as long as they abide by the simple credo, "do no harm...", coz if they don't it's our duty, as friends, to bitchslap them seven ways to Jupiter, so there.

::bites the hand that pats::

puhleeeze... winnie is like so 90s. And u can forget about chipmunk and Yogi bear... been there, done that...


can't u ppl think of something more original nowadays??
haha ok so you are asexual too?? dun look like one to me! hahahahaha

then you be the big monster in lilo and stitch .. shit must find out his name!!
Did I say as much in that??? Hmmm... interesting the way u read that comment...

the big monster -- nobody loves, everyone keeps bullying me... ::SOBS::
OK LAR!!!!
::sayangs shining_tree::

you not big monster ok ?
You little mermaid ok ??