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That's what my brother said of me when I spent 2 days playing Civilisation3 ( yeah old game )
Trying to role play someone more powerful ?
Reading books that gets me lost into someone else's life ?
Drinking so as to forget who am I ?
Playing mahjong to get me engrossed in cards for hours and hours to pass time ?

Are we all trying to escape from who we are ?

His comment hit me
And he is right. We are always escaping.
Hmmm... think the cultural influence concept's not bad. Gives you an incentive to build and can actually corner in an enemy's borders.

Still trying to get used to the new rules/gameplay though.
All in all, it's a very fun game. =)
hee hee got once i managed to convert my enemy's city into mine through cultural influence !!! remember that you have to build alot of wonders
with more people = more money = higher production
but there must be space and FOOD!
hmmm... actually, I can't really remember the details of the game liao. Been a while since I played. (Got it when it first came out) Must refresh my empire building skills...
how nice will that be if we can build an AJ city by ourselves
oh and shining_tree can be the governess jaer be my secretary while i take the presidential post.

now whole lot knock it down
democracy's too much a drag anyways.. and it doesn't really exist anyways...

Should keep it simple, u be the absolute monarch, i.e. "His Majesty, the Queen",
jaer can be the patron Goddess of the city,
and I'll be corrupt high court judge that passes lenient sentences in exchange for sexual favours...
Sounds good?
YEAH YEAH YEAH i want to be something like QIN SHI HUANG
Why not you be an eunuch?? hahahaha then you can have all the men to yourself..
except for my sexy male concubines

aiyah let jaer be the crown princess or huan zhu ge ge
cowie can be the dowager
stingerx can be in charge of IT affairs
wolfegod shall be the royal maid incharge of dogs

::stop it yubin stop it!!::
I don't want!!!! Eunuches cannot enjoy one! At most get poked!! ::sulks::

Can I be the royal trainer??? That way I can train the various members of the staff... Please?? I'll leave the best ones to you!!!

And stingerx can be the head of the royal guards. I'm sure he'll be very happy with all the uniformed guards. (Emphasis on uniformed)
if you are the royal trainer i am sure you will makan all my cute concubines FIRST b4 i have 'em to myself!!!!

I thought you like being POKED or so i was told???!

OK!!!! stingerx sure like to be part of the military personnel..
Permission Granted!!