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That's what my brother said of me when I spent 2 days playing Civilisation3 ( yeah old game )
Trying to role play someone more powerful ?
Reading books that gets me lost into someone else's life ?
Drinking so as to forget who am I ?
Playing mahjong to get me engrossed in cards for hours and hours to pass time ?

Are we all trying to escape from who we are ?

His comment hit me
And he is right. We are always escaping.

why u run??

scared i do wat cowie do to me arh?? hehehehe -> here

anyway... its not more about running away from it... but... it not being able to catch up with you...

once u stop running... u have to face it again like any other thing...
so when i am not noticing you guys have been pouring wax over each other??!!?!
Tsk tsk

sigh... see i have to run away from facts and gossips...