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Valentine's Day...

The Orpheus Myth...

Love is a many splendoured thing
Love life us up where we belong
All you need is love....

I will you until my dying day...

May everyone find their greatest LOVE story in their life
as in orpheus and euridice?
yes yes.. that's the one..
you've heard of it b4? moulin rouge! was actually inspired by the myth..
yah...well famous greek legend...quite hard to miss...just that christian didn't go to hades to look for satine...so....yah....not too close.....ok loosing focus...
hmmmm but i think not everyone noes abt it though......

and oh yeah... moulin rouge2! the sequel is coming and yeah... christian did kill himself to go look for satine

coming to theatres 2003 dec
wah...nice template leh. you upgraded to paid member izzit?

how's v-day? go where make babies?
haven't celeb v-day yet... doing on yuan xiao instead hee hee
wat abt you ? how did you celebrate??

yeah i was paid member for some time till recently i bothered to change the backgrd.
and no.... i am not going to make babies.. haha
me? well went to olio dome for dinner wif my partner and another couple. damn crowded lor...
also paiseh, cos i think i feel many eyes on us too....four cuties (puke) how come no gf? haha.
haha must be confident..
sure you must be a cutie

luckily i celebrated on yuan xiao which is the chinese's valentines....
someone said that phrase of wanting to love to me to the dying day.. but somehow I hurt that person alot.. I wish there is still hope left and all is not lost..
hmmmm i think there are lotsa opportunities in this world.
listen to the door
some knocks are silent
dun ever let chances slip past....
regret is never useful
found you thru random search and have added you into my list of friends
feel free to add me too!!
Take Care!
Heys...no problem.... =)
take care too!
Love hurts! I am a pathetic little creature with a fragile heart... anyone out dere want to look after me?? heehee
Love hurts...
Love heals too...

just have to be patient..
mean while... if you want to advertise.. try fridae?? hahahaha
done that! haha... all the ang mohs only come!
haha oh so what's your fridae profile? hahaha
and oh.... ang mohs... what's wrong abt them ?
look at tom cruise
I don't really like ang mohs... don't check it lar. It sux. I just signed up for fun.... mmost of my friends think i'm damn straight. hehe... anyway if you really want to know, my nick in fridae is Sy4zWan.
Frankly speaking i think you look damn str8..
haha that's not a bad sign
i thought you can never tell if a person is straight by his looks? anyways, i lurve girls... i just asked a girl out today.