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Group 1 Jackpot Price: S$11,083,011

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Who striked? I didn't. There goes my dreams.

Imagine not working for the rest of your life, with a new porch, new car, a dog or two....

::bubble bursts::

Congratulations to the lucky guy/gal out there!!!

My oh my, you're sooo damn cute! *sighs* why are all the dreamy bois overseas?

Yeah, I'm in America...
Wao! you are a writer???
That's very happening!!
Pardon my lousy english haha
Yep, that's what I do... oh and go to university also.

Now, if I can sell enough stories to afford a vacation this summer, maybe I can see that smile of yours in person, lol!
haha sweet talker...
you are still studying i suppose??
so am i ... going to classes in about 2 hrs time
have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

Hehs.. thanks
Mind if I add the cute primate as a LJ friend?
Of course i do not mind that... to phrase it in a better way.. haha
I am honoured
Eh dont play play this fridays michigan lotto about usd 150million haha i think i should just buy a ticket :)
Make some investment for the Bank of Renton at least lar idiot!!!

Wah lan $150 million? Can u buy one for me?? cannot cheat my money ah!
i think you meant porsche?
no dearie, i meant porch.. not porshe..

a little comfy place i think.
hahahahaha shit that is damm funny
wat is funny!!!!
anyway did you buy the lotto for me???

::piaks renton for not following instructions::
You strike I marry you.

Ok i must try to strike this coming monday then i marry you ok ?
you be no.2 ok ??
NO~! I be no.1~!!!

You be my no.2 ok =)
pls discuss this with cowie
survival of the fittest