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Soooooo happy... finally got my own private computer... have to pay bloody installments for it though...
wow... tats fucking cool!!
how much u payin for the installment? for how long? mind telling me? :P

is it easy to adapt to MAC after using PC for so long...
yeah i think it looks damn nice...
the installment's abt $150 per mth and you have to pay for 2 years...
so poor thing rite? but it's interest free so it's ok ..

and it's quite user friendly....some things are diff.... but i think you can try to see whether you like it...

God its beautiful... been always eyeing that thing.....sigh hope i can afford such luxuries some day.....where did u get it from?
Yeah i just love beautiful things lor....
i got it from Funan centre... cos's apple centre at wheelock ran out of stock
but it's the same price..
go buy go buy! hee hee

cowie says all AJs must use Mac.. hahaha
time to get one too....
so nice hor... i dun even wanna go and sleep now...
so many things to explore
BWAHAHAHA you've fallen for my ploy... dunno how to use right? support calls $1 per min, house calls $100 per hour...

::rings cash register::
now i noe why you keep pestering me to buy i-mac.....

::sticks out tongue::

I am sure mac-users like weiqiang2206 will help me
Wah good stuff :)
ok lar.. that cow must have some credit rite renton ??

::feeds cow fresh grass::

actually i'd rather go NY ... too bad can't pay for trips in installments
Woo Hoo!!! COngrats... welcome to MacOS!

...now go sign up for ".Mac" :)))

nice sharp heated dildo

Oh you are Mac user hor???
everyday take Mac's photos..
publisize Mac's lemak...


NOT over the heated dildo you CKP
2 words...MAC SUCK!
sigh.. i give up on you...
i think only cowie can fight you..

can't blame this innocent boy here .. not comparable to kinky ah peks
/me drools...
::collects saliva::

saving on a rainy day
Wow. Have fun. =)


wanna join in ...


so nice hor flashy?? i couldn't resist it too! come over to yp house and play with me!
It looks really COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Nice Nice wor.
come come let's all use the same computer..
i think in instalments it's quite affordable....
Wah yubin!! Your imac very chio!!!!!!! *drool*
haha thanks... i am very happy with it.....
must meet you soon ah... with charmy b4 she returns ok..
i am sure you are still slim and slender!
you're a Machie too
yeah yeah
and you are a Pen Chu...
Hee Hee
hey hey! Cool Mac... /envious

ps. u should've gotten the JBL Creature Speakers to go with the iMac... And it (sorta anyways) matches the lava lamp!!
hmmmm they say the JBL speakers are not as good... but i have gotten the soundsticks already.... sounds very good.
you are a mac user too ?
OMG look at your icq list!!! so damn long.

err...do you ever work on your table? looks just a "show room" to me....you should have seen mine.
haha you havent seen my frens' icq lists, damn super longer than mine.... haha (not LONG in that sense)
anyway my table is quite long and i just tidied it that's why it looks quite neat.
if not, i am quite a messy person