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Since I am such a Cheena person, My new year just started for 10 days and after the 15th day of the CNY, I have to keep up my resolutions below.

1. Stop Smoking
2. Stop Drinking EXCESSIVELY
3. Obtain at least TWO 'A's for my April-May Exams
4. Be more thrifty
5. Get A new computer ( has one in mind 17" I-Mac )

Lastly.... Be nicer to my baby cat cowie by not playing too much monopoly with him.
Cheena is what??? Haha I did not follow my resolution too :P keke
Sigh alot of people just do not keep new year resolutions.. think i must keep them for once... do you think so?? we must not be leopards that do not change spots, but humans who strive for the better..

my god... i feel like a saint saying this...
heh me still trying to do what I suppose to do for this new yr.. so far so good. But I dun wish to give myself stress by rushing to fufil my resolutions. Just relax ;)
true ... anyway forgot to answer your previous question...
you dunno what is cheena?? = china means very chinese oriented in culture i suppose... haha

6. Go to the gym at least three times a week
7. Cut mahjong to twice a year (CNY and on your birthday)
8. Not follow resolutions imposed by other people
9. Spend my birthday with baby cat and not playing mahjong
10. for my initiative above, i shall play mahjong anytime i want except for special occasions....

::sticks out tongue::
erm... sorry ur birthday i'm not free... i got mahjong game... hiaks hiaks hiaks...
i didnt know people or rather animals arrange mahjong games 10 months in advance lor...

just an excuse not to spend birdlay with me.. it's ok ...

::runs to one corner and cries::
::sticks out tongue::
::shows red monkey ass::
::kicks red monkey ass all the way to timbuktu::


::returns receipt to MOO MOO FARM international and spanks cow all the way back to MOO MOO FARM in zimbabwe::
I thought the both of you are like at the same place?.....
::points at mass of comments::
Hello Wolf... You always get mixed up with the facts.
I am the King of all creatures in the Congo
cowie is just one of the minions of the pathetic unhygienic MOO MOO FARM based in Zimbabwe
And YOU..... just a wolf obsessed with sex ( i.e. Color Wolf ) who hunts in packs in the Bukit Timah reserve

Ooo... Domestic Dispute.

:: runs many many ::
not domestic wat... quite international in fact, got timbuktu, zimbabwe... me so corny!
Yeah.... and i am the international King who is based in Congo
All so ulu. Boring.
not like u ... urban bitch...

keke going why not tonite??
ohhh... you.....
you are the one in the back alley behind my house with a dozen of dogs rite??
female dog....

Someone calling me bitch...

*** ~G~R~o~W~L~ ***

Come to mama, my MiMi~!

Mama of all bitches