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Terrible Day
1) Received another arrow of presentation by my group mates
2) The AJ in my group yaks and yaks like a woman non-stop which delayed my group discussion and ended up late
3) Received a good luck chain SMS from VICTORIA and while sending it out my phone apparantly hung and could not be
switched on again. Have to bring it out for repairs. This phone is only 1 month old!!!!
4) Misunderstood again.

Had fun at chinatown's CNY market though. Bought a BIG RED CRYSTAL apple at a steal..
But sigh... feel like shit
Probably is the depressing soundtrack I am listening to.. makes my life sad subconsiously

:: puts your Huggies on for you ::
drink with me to days gone by
sing with me the songs we knew
think of pretty girls who went to our beds
think of witty girls who went to our heads
drink with me

let's drink our sorrows away
Do you really mean girls or "girls"?

Drink no problem!
Let's drink with

COWS that go to our beds

Life without "Cosette"
Means nothing at all!

Let the wine of friendship
At the shrine of friendship
Never run dry Never say die

Sorry I turned up a little late. My computer was acting up on me and I had to deal with a real job. Maybe I should resist a real job for my friends as well. Anyhow, the skies are clear again and there is no end in the future. I am happy for the both of you.

Regardless, the line between my friends and otherwise is firmly drawn...FIRMLY DRAWN. ;)

no prob abt that lar... =0)
you les miz fan!
your turn to be "vandalised" by my entry after COWIE's....

empty chairs and empty tables,
where my frens will sing no more...

ops..is it the wrong song....??
haha have we met b4??? hee hee

yeah anyway it's the wrong song!!!
but it's ok like this song too!!!
no no, we have not met before, neither have i met any of you guys except stingerx (who happens to be a fren's fren).

think you're a les miz fan..keke.
Oh i see...you hardly update LJ nowadays anyway rite??
used to like les miz but that was like years and years ago.
missed one of the runs in singapore though...
hmm...i belong to the upsaid gang though...LJ was kinda long ago...last year? My blog is at www.upsaid.com/elementz

les mis...i watched it twice in london. one of the few musicals that i really like.
why not update LJ anymore?
I like les miz, ms saigon the most.
Phantom comes closely behind...
you go clubbing?? see ya some day or when you recognise me.... do say hi...
upsaid eaiser to configure lor...compared to LJ

anyway my fav list of musical is 1. les mis, 2. saigon, 3. mama mia. phantom too opera-like for me.

i dun pub one. me very "guai" mah
hmmm are all of stingerx's frens so guai? all never go pubbing??

hehe anyway i think phantom's songs quite mainstream lar...
mama mia.. never noticed..
anyway loved moulin rouge! and is looking forward to chicago!
Listen to nice nice music eh?
Dance, Kelly, as long as it's happy, groovey-it's good. =)

Cheerie up!
phone still spoilt
still being ignored
how to cheer up ?

Now now.....
Fu qi chao jia shi pu tong de....
But must give and take k?
-pats pats-
haha thanks ah!!


That's good to hear. =)
and make up. heeeee
make up?? or make out???

But you can tell me all the details nevertheless...
Then I'll have more experience next time. =)
ok lar... i will tell you our COLORFUL adventures!!HAHAHA
hope you can take it