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::hacks into yubin's LJ account::

Guess who appeared in this month's Upload magazine?

cowie says his shoulder is in the pix!!
Are you the only guy there:)
actually i can't see also! anyway i did NOT post this lj entry hor!!! he hacked into my lj site! so notti hor!!!
*spanks cowie*
The girl in the white tube top is chio siah! *drools*
are you straight?? hahaha
Must be that time you went to the airport or HMV when Kelly Chen was in town.
hello BIMBO!!! that is the FEMALE's 50 most gorgeous people when i went to support ermmmm weiqiang2206 last dec!
YUBIN!!! Those 2 gals in the pics are my friends!! They were there to support my friend Jimmy that nite also..:)
oh my.... elsie and jessica.. ha ha ha..
but elsie does look good in the picture..
jessica just looks... lian... as usual..
*shake head*
where's pandora??? :)
ha ha ha ...
haha.. i saw this pic last week as well... it's been like so long since i saw u.. oh well.. was that the last time i saw u? hmm.. think it was christmas since i last saw u.. hope life has been great and fun for u.. seeya soon!
yeah catch you up soon.... why u never say you saw me?? i only saw this by coincidence lar!!! i was looking out for you actually and i saw myself with lan and bu... hahaha so funny
nothin fascinating though. haha
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! *chokes*
hahahaha very funny meh
anyway this one not i post one lor in case you think i am obstentatious
Hmph yubin I'm not that BIG ok!:(
i think you are quite big.... err... know what i mean???
Is that Lan and Bu among the pic?
or am i hallucinating?
yes yes yes !!! they are inside there as well!!
xing fen oh pp!!!