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I am so damn TERRIFIED of presentations! And I have 2 presentations coming tomorrow and on Friday...
Shucks! I am so stressed up that I went to do up my hideous teeth. Why is the semester getting more and more shiong?
Gawd Halp Mi! I need to find ways to get rid of my stage fright!
presentations? once you gain the confidence you will be able to do it. I used to have phobia speaking in public but once i got the hang of it, everything went smoothly.. u juz imagine your target audience as the sea :) and u are trying to sell your product to the sea who ain't looking at u..
Yea. all just imagine that they are morons. You don't eveb have to look at them when you talk. Just look in a general direction and see through them. Don't focus on anyone. That's the key. =)
::boosts your ego::
I think sometimes i get toooooo self conscious and I move around too much.. Further more i am so used to speaking in colloquial singapore english that I have difficulties in expressing myself in perfect english for business communication.
Sigh i hope i dun fail this module...
As for treating an audience whom i deem superior, it's really quite quite difficult
Really, haha think like you're dancing on the stage or something.
-the sorts, the confidence-

Your mind works wonders.
I CAN'T even talk on stage tok abt dancing
and i NEVER danced on the podium!!!! ARRGGHHH!!
*strangles little prince*
but your chipped tooth is soooo cute!

it's called presentationophobia...
dun bruff bruff ok!!! dun think it's called presentophobia... anyway i got my tooth done
Its not a phobia...its called inexperience. Just take it easy and talk as though your friends are in the audience. But remember to maintain eye contact like as though you are speaking to that person and so on. Remember to look around.

did you know that I used to be a perpetual stammerer? but now I can talk properly. Just relax. You'll do fine. I cheer for you in the background ok? Imagine, the back of the room got a MM jumping up and down ok?

if i imagine you jumping up and down i will laugh non-stop lor!!! yeah indeed i think practice and experience helps..
but meanwhile.. i just have to cope with this kinda embarrasment which i hate! help ah!
the simple solution is to go get really drunk then conf no stage fright hahaha
hahaha dunno how to finish rite???!!! hahaha boooooooo!
call me crazy but i really think a bit of alcohol will help me relax... dun ya think??
You'd do fine...
Remember.... The infamous finishing statement " AND WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!"

All the Best in ur presentation:)
HAHAHAHAHA you think i am ms congeniality?? or some bimbotic contestant for ms singapore?
hahaha i never have the guts to do presentation let alone joining contests or pagents