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This week has been horrendous, but since the longer-than-usual weekend starts, things have been going out great. At least better than the last weekend, which has been really emotional draining.

Met up with my normal close frens, and i had a long talk with abu aka shuxian aka valisa today. It's really happy to know that although there are always better situations around, but if you look at those who are less fortunate, you have to agree that we must not be unhappy or self-destructive for simple things. And I made a survey, if given a choice, most people will choose a RICH spouse as compared to a VERY ATTRACTIVE spouse, assuming all other things remaining constant. This is a very interesting result. Where this is really a practical world. But does money makes loving one easier?

Be it anyway, It's always nice to know that frens who are always there for you, and those, though that are far away, but the hearts are always so near.
dearie yeepin...
u must haf asked miss ang whether she want rich man or not ahahahha... wat u think i will say? hmm.... quite interesting . i will think abt it and tell u wat i tink. email me when u free. i love u. smoochie smooch.
aussie chiobu
haha, you are very smart. Shirley also think so...
sigh i mustnt say much, but email bubu too ok ? Will catch you when you are online.... MISS YOU