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School's started but still in holiday mood... someone help me please...

Doesn't help that Mama's going Penang tomorrow till Sunday and I can do what I want...

Hmmmm.... while it lasts... Shall extend my holiday mood! WOO HOO!!!
heh heh heh...

::rubs hands::
wah! that's fast... i just posted the journal!!
ok.. plans for the next 3-4 days
staying at home to watch DVDs....
ok lor...

::hides in corner and cries::
hahaha always act cute!!
then i am always the baddie who tortures you and make you cry!! now everyone thinks that i am the devil!!!
well... the goodies always get accused anyway
sigh... cest la vie
tap tap... squirt.... inject insulin ....ahhhh so much better
i thought insulin is for diabetes?????
hmmmm and i dun inject alcohol lor! stupid renton i am not and never an alcoholic!!!!
yes you kukubird insulin is for diabetes which i am abt to get becasuse you too are too sweet !
i need one of those shots too... hahaha you're both turnin into milksops... lol
i want someone to be sappy and saccharine sweet with toooooooo.... >=(
i thought you got international lovers so i heard!!! hahaha
so dun be greedy.. well if you insist on not telling the truth..
you can come back sg and get sweet and sappy with me ooi??
I'm just sitting here watching the 2 cuties fight.

Someone still owe me a mouthful orh. next time he drunk, then I go take a big big bite.
Oh MM you can forget about it..
NOT GETTING DRUNK is one of my new year's resolutions.. i mean... w.e.f 16.01.03
You get drunk one time, I bite one time...BIG BIG BITE.

And that's the gospel truth.
OK OK OK!!! if i DO get drunk.,.... i will TRY very HARD i will be SHUNNING you or... hmmm..... when you are NOT around!
hahahaha no more koala jumps !! hahaha
the last time i heard someone say sayonara oka-san was in a very different context...so i was kinda shocked when i saw the title of the post! but CHOY CHOY CHOY!
oh PLEASE!!! if that really happens dun think i will be online toking cock!! hahahahaha
wooooozzzzzzz CHOY CHOY CHOY TOUCH WOOD!!!