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Again, a new year is arriving... At least I achieved something during 2002 that I always wanted...
I drove a Merz SL convertible!!!!
Yeap yeap... it's a GREAT new year ahead! =)
And it's goanna be good!
Hope you had a good year and a better one ahead.
It was SWELL knowing you.
Mister korkor ben =P
didnt know that i had a didi already.. hahahaha it's great knowing little prince too ! hahaha
ur dad GAVE that to you?
lucky ass!
Hahahahaha No lar! How I WISH! It's my friend's car. Borrowed it for a test drive... SHIOK!
Take me for a spin!!!!
Today's big sweep = $1,500,000
If i strike that...... yeah i'll get one nicer one and go for a spin! hahaha
Soooo cuteeee!!
Happy New Year!!
The brand new SL model?????? ARGHS!!! ::envious::
It's not the brand new one... actually a few yrs old already....
envious... sigh....
::lick lick::
HAPPY NEW YEAR WOLFIE!!!!!!! hope you will get a hp this yr!!!
So when you going to drive me around in that car?
Haha aiyah tell you already NOT my car! i WISH i can drive that CAR EVERYDAY lor! sigh sigh
Wow Yeepin!! That's so cool!! :)
oh BOBO hahaha yeah this is so sexciting! hahahaha wait till i get my own we go for a spinny!