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Haven't been clubbing for this past weekend. Proud of myself. The illness may be just an excuse, but sometimes i still yearn for some healthy activities... Like watching movies, taking a walk along the beach, lying at the helicopter pad watching stars overseeing marina bay, night cycling...

Or am I too old to do these things? Playing mahjong... realised that most AJs play mahjong religiously on Sundays before clubbing...

Singapore's SOOOOO damn bored. Need to find something interesting to do.
School's reopening ( DAMN it! ) @#$%^&*(
goodness when im back for holidays you people are all going back to school....so sad!
haiyah, for yubin got school or not doesn't make a difference... :-)
I also say. Just like Werd.

Slacker Bum.
Isn't that title divineblack's? Or is it Victoria's
Divine's just angry black bitch
victoria is the SHU YAO LAO LAO
you are SOOOO very wrong! i need not travel to that stupid Boon Lay lor!! bloody far leh without car somemore!
that's why! so u better some back soon so we can go out!! go party? when are you coming back?
Singapore got so many things to do...Kayaking, Swimming, Cycling, Rollerblading!
no kakis to go with... all my frens are BUMMERS like JAER, COWIE etc etc
Like HeLLo~

Who is the one who mahjongs more and has no employment whatsoever???
sigh i am NOT allowed to play mahjong THAT often already
must ask for permission and got curfew
sigh sigh sigh
I am bored too..
Thinking of taking a break from civilization... any suggestion?

let's go for hiking trip?? on???
Hiking.. nice.. wanted to do that.. long time ago.. the older ones get.. the harder one finds time .. work, finacial libilities, etc etc...

But go where???Can I bring my camera???? have not used it for so long!!!!>. I'm old fashion.. its not a digicam ..

Maybe for a start..(since I still need to work).. we hike from Causeway one to Causeway two??? wahhahahahah
let's get close to nature ... hmmmm maybe in msia lor haha like kota tingi... dunno whether that's considered as hiking though.
ideal hiking location will be in U.S though.... looking for moose and faeries in the cold temperate forests with NO mosquitoes
yah right no mosquitoes man!!

By the way, I'll be going to KLUANG next weekend. It is a small town 2 hrs from JB. Travelling by train, it will take me about 3 hrs to reach there. Most likely to leave on Friday night returning on Sunday(not sure of the time returning yet).

Going to spend some time with my camera which I have neglected for so long. Also to use up the negatives which I've bought about 8 months ago for the Pulau Perhentian trip with Winsonn. I'll make sure that I'll get batteries for my camera this time round.

It will be just my camera and me....in a cheap motel of an unfamiliar Town..

Hopefully I will get to take some really nice shots there; even though there isn't really much...

Wish me luck!
I know Kluang.... it's my daddy's hometown... haven't been there for YEARS!!!!! hahaha
try the duck noodle there.. if i remember correctly. it's my all time fav!
wahhhh... anything interesting there????

Will check out the duck noodle there..

I'll take a photo and give it to you ok?
ok!!! thank you.... hope you enjoy your self and have lotsa fun!
aiyoh. .. the town very quiet one right.. what fun?? wahahahhhahahahaha
yup ..... must have fun over there though really nothing much there