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Long time since i felt like this
So sick.. green mucus.. persistent headaches..
Think i am going to leave this world soon..
Bloody kaka and all the junk food i ate during Christmas.. hope i can recover to party in 3 days time.
take care!...and have a wonderful new year with your special someone....
thanks toey.. didnt see you celebrating in clubs though....
i am still sick... hope i can recover by nye
ooooh poor thing... sayang sayang... you're not going to die lah, stop being so melodramatic... sayang sayang... *PIAKS* :-P
if you continue piak-ing me i think i will die faster..
Eat somemore! Eat somemore...Don't worry you'll live to die another day. =)
i only ate two meals today... appetite is quite bad.. but then again cowie said it's not good to eat too much
"CHOY"..... "tai-ka-lai-si" lah.. You will recover soon with the help from SOMEONE lor... hor??! THE POWER OF LUV..... =p
Well, i guess no matter what happen, you will still go party on New Year's eve right??! hee hee..
Watch your diet and get well soon ya..
Take care..
yeah lor with help from cynthia ah? hahahaha
anyway see ya on nye ok ? haha you'll be clubbing wun ya?
Everybody's getting sick. =(
Well with a cow beside ya.. sure get well fast...
Cows have milk. -lol-
to prove your theory the next time u fall ill we'll put you in a farm ok...
this cow i have dun have milk... hahaha
and for your info i am quite allergic to milk
esp powdered milk and stale ones... hmmm
ask speedo ... hahaha
you'll be surprised that the cause of all the sickness is from those late nites, excessive drinking and smoking..
FYI i sleep at 9pm everyday, and i am neither an alcoholic nor a smoker... hahahaha
God forgive me for lying...
Are you dead yet? Haven't seen you in the club for a while.

It feels like ages though....
my dear bro and fren, i am still very sick... on my way to recovery... but sigh... becos of NYE, now i have to drag myself to club tonite! See ya tonite!!!