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Christmas is coming very soon. Yet the mood worsens as I grow older.
The people that I used to hang around with during Christmas are usually not around or no longer in contact...
The church activities that i usually join...
The carolling that I went during my college days...

Now I am worrying about the presents I forget to buy...
Did I forget any??

What I always remember is ..
Christmas is a time when you spend time with your loved ones
And i am glad that I am able to spend it with someone I love

To everyone out there.. wherever you are...
Have a blessed CHRISTMAS
hey i just read this! NBCB!!! i'm lactose-intolerant ok!?
but you told me you love speedo's milk! and i saw you milkin em! hahaha
today only got Vanilla vitagen...
with millions of lactobacillus and spermatozoa..
good for your system.

But you got to suck for it.

I prefer YAKULT! and the apple or grape flavour....
vanilla no good!!