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Christmas is coming very soon. Yet the mood worsens as I grow older.
The people that I used to hang around with during Christmas are usually not around or no longer in contact...
The church activities that i usually join...
The carolling that I went during my college days...

Now I am worrying about the presents I forget to buy...
Did I forget any??

What I always remember is ..
Christmas is a time when you spend time with your loved ones
And i am glad that I am able to spend it with someone I love

To everyone out there.. wherever you are...
Have a blessed CHRISTMAS
Haha... =)
Yes yes... a handsome elf.
And cowie's a mangey human king.
-thinks legolas and aragorn in love affair-

Pressie ah...
Not this year can? Totally.. -empties out sleeve pants pockets.....-
WAHHHH!!!!! imagine legolas and aragorn!!!
thinking abt it will just make one orgasm
haha... yeah lor...
So SO SO... ermmmmm twink porn. hahaha...
can you pls go search for this kinda porn for me? high price offered!!!
Me into twink porn.. sorry. =)
SO sad.. have to resort to porn.
we are all sad creatures arent we?? haha ok guess i have to film them myself
Lol =)
Try harder....
-get well soon- =)
wait till i get better you wanna audition for the role of errmmmmmm the elf princess? haha