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Christmas is coming very soon. Yet the mood worsens as I grow older.
The people that I used to hang around with during Christmas are usually not around or no longer in contact...
The church activities that i usually join...
The carolling that I went during my college days...

Now I am worrying about the presents I forget to buy...
Did I forget any??

What I always remember is ..
Christmas is a time when you spend time with your loved ones
And i am glad that I am able to spend it with someone I love

To everyone out there.. wherever you are...
Have a blessed CHRISTMAS
cutie darling...it gets worse and you are only 22.
And you think X'Mas is bad, wait til your birthday comes along, esp your 29th one.

How come your Userpic suddenly so ugly? Who's the prancy faggot?

Ahem... What was it you were saying about his userpic?

:: whips out elvish dagger held point blank at Speedo28's throat, saved only by Speedo28's lack of an adam's apple ::
Aiyoo! Yours also soooo ugly!
ayeee...you also no adam's apple.
Even in drag, I'll be better looking and more masculine than you.

the long hair is meant for us to drag easier... hahaha
ok...the point about being in drag is not to be manly. And being a masculine drag defeats the purpose entirely.

But I say this, even when you are not in drag, your femininity shines through. ;P
Hmmm... have you considered the fact that you have breasts and you breast feed with them?

And when being more masculine than you even in drag shows how un-masculine you are.
Darling, you confuse me with your mahjong kaki. ;P
But the point of drag shows is to see masculine women or else you might as well watch a all gurl show.

ANyhow, I concede this round to you. -GIVES UP-
But we all saw you breast feed Cowie yesterday at Divineblack's place remember?
oh it's my twin brother!!! oh !!!! i didnt noe i have one!! i am in love with my twin brother!!!!
oh i love incest!!!!!!
Oh yesh... with a twin/brother looking like this, incest is the ONLY way to go~!
oh my !! i'll meet you at the tree house tomorrow to celebrate a kinky x'mas!!!
You bring the elven rope. I'll bring Sting.
shit... we didnt have time to practise it... what abt new year's eve??
what prancy faggot!!! hahahaha he's my dahlink!!!!! hahaha
anyway... 29 isnt so bad... as least it's a age where no one will nag at you,... or so i think