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My favourite snack since young... chicken flavoured corn snacks KAKA.... extinct in Singapore for quite some time.
Finally found 'em in JB yesterday when i drove down. I bought 60 pkts of it and have been eating.
Going to be real fat ... back to my childhood figure.
Dunno why is my appetite so good recently
Me too yeepin!!! My appetite too good ever since I arrived back in Singapore!!!!!!!!! Back to my original rolling ball figure liao...*SOBZ*
no it's impossible to gain back your 1000kg remember???? ohhhhH!!!! you are really impossible to recognise since your jc roly poly days
I love KAKA too!!! So nostalgic!! last time 20cents only. $1 can buy 5 packet and got toy toy inside. sometimes can combine and form lobot one.

Your packet is RED colour one ah...with the gawdy looking chickens. 60 packets and you will look quite like Daniel. ;P
imagine i only paid $5.50ringit for 30 pkts of kaka.. yeah the red gawky chicken packaging hahahahahaha
will you still be frens with me if i look like daniel? haha
current mood: amused
omg this is fascinating!!!!! kaka got commercials? ahahahaha btw who is this? thanks anyway
Haha I've always preferred Bee Bee! Anyone remember?
yes i do.... but i think kaka is still the best... can't find the vegatarian flavoured one anymore though =(
Wahh.. I remembered KaKa.. I think BB too.. ..And I think those gluey satay sticks tasted so much better last time!! The SanChaKou(Cantonese) is still around..

Still remember my mum buying a few big packs of those peanuts chocolates- in yellow plastic wraps- and won a few mickey mouse watches for us.. hahahaha. and the balding uncle that sells them to us on the ground level of block 65 Toa Payoh Lor5.

Sweet memories....

hahaha.. also remember my neighbours (kids) and I used to be fold tiny paper planes and slot them through a hole into a neighbours wall.. We hate that family!!..

My neighbour took fabrics from factory and sew them into dresses.. I still remember her kids and I used left over materials + rubber bands + match sticks.. dressing those toy soldiers into chinese kongfu figurine.. whahahahahhah

my childhood.....


Next time jio me along lah.. whahahah. long time no go JB jalan jalan liao
you asking who to jio you ? hahahahaha you must go with winson mah
uhm.... how come i dunno such snacks and i live in jb?
gosh... maybe i am losing my memory.....

where's my doc? where's my doc?
i finally found it this HOLIDAY PLAZA.... very ah lian ah beng place hahahaha
you know i really like those coca cola candies that come in red and silver packets of 3. those are the best cola candies i've ever eaten!
I remember those!!!!!!!!!!!!