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Stupid Internet Connection! Stupid Computer! Was difficult to log on thus couldn'd update until now...

Went to watch Kelly Chen's DYNACARNIVAL concert on Friday. Was a blast. Never thought i could see her concert so fast. It as SENSATIONAL! Would've flew to KL to watch it again.. sigh... no money. I need to win some TOTO. Too bad sharonchen couldn't come home to watch it..

Her grand Entrance

Kelly with brother Victor

Beautiful legs in the can can dance

the best of the nite... the techno medley encore

Couldn't upload alot of pics cos stupid yahoo just dun allow users to link photos from the website. Oh bah! Till then.
For the pic under "Beautiful legs in the can can dance"
I cant help but noticing dat she's lifting up her skirt with the pole thingy in front.
Cant help but think dat she's gona impale herself on it

HAHAHA you are SOOOOO notti!!!! leave her alone! she's terribly straight as the pole!
She's so DIVA! =)
Well it's nice to see you back on.
And NOT see you drunk. =)
So cute when you're drunk, but not drunk ALSO cute la.

sigh .. you people got such sweet tongues... dunno whether speaking the truth or not.
oh well... thanks anyway
I may have sweet tooth la, but my tongue confirm not sweet one. =)
Thanks for the ride wor. So nice of you.

Won't take for granted pple fetch me haha....

Public trannnnnnssssssport.

hahaha really or not.. that means you also owe Cowie a big favour? hahahaha
hmmm and as for a sweet tongue... i'll have to check it out... hahaha
Haha.. favour? Can repay in kindness lor =)
MY tongue? YOU sure you wanna try? I don't think it's a good idea wor.
I have metal in my mouth remember? =)
I'm unkissable for a year more and a half.
-DAMN sad-

hahaha you are over sensitive lar!!! i didnt mean that way! i mean i can find out by asking other willing people like speedo to taste your tongue and tell me whether it tastes like grape or strawberry
hello...dun drag me in hor.
I innocent innocent one.

most of the tongues that I have tasted, taste of heaven.
OMG you tasted little prince's tongue!!!!!
If I had tasted his tongue, he would not be looking for anyone else already lor.
Chey... haha.. make me happy only.. =)
Sorry, I think even if he did, he'd only taste metal.

WAH I see you all play mahjong.. I very STRESS.
(-_-)" All pia. Thought will be friendly friendly.
Haha, I'm keepin out of that arena man.

Wait lose jia lat jia lat.
come join us lar... if you cant beat em.. join em!!! hahaha playing tomorrow!!

she actually held concert? oh gosh.. guess any tom dick and harry singer can do tat..
singapore money easy to earn~!

WHAT!!!! you got poor taste lar! dunno how to appreciate her!!! BLEAH!