December 18th, 2008


"Would You Like To Hear A Story?"

Hey Baz,

Thanks to cowie, I managed to obtain two tickets to your latest film, Australia, last Monday.

It was my most anticipated film of the year (actually since Moulin Rouge!) and I am sad to say, it is very, very pretty to look at, but I was tad disappointed.

Number one - if you want a romantic epic to work, produce a decent, if not, memorable score that brainwashes minds and stays in their heart.

Number two - do not complicate the romance with too many sub plots, and never, never name a film after a country, in one word no less. It gives people too high an expectation and chances are, you're unlikely to create a world people (or Americans) are particularly interested in.

Number three - you can always borrow references, but please be original or at least avoid corny statements (i.e. Nicole: "we can't let them win", Hugh: "We won't").

If this film has had more time to edit and re-scored, it will be SO much better.

Oh, and I forgot, most people have ADHD nowadays so a 2hr 45min film is really not economical nor appealing.

But... ... ...

I still love it. I love you for being so romantic and ambitious and it IS obviously a labour of love. And for that, Australia is my favourite film of the year.

Who cares about the oscars?

Your avid fan,