April 17th, 2005



For the past seven days, I have watched :–

1) Something's Gotta Give – Extremely funny and romantic (A)
2) Basketball Diaries - Poor mommy (B+)
3) The Interpreter - Engaging and intelligent (A-)
4) The Forgotten - Best to be forgotten (C-)
5) Harold and Kumar Goes To White Castle - sigh (B)
6) Shark's Tale - Slapstick animation (C+)
7) Maid In Manhatten - Only then do I realise why divineblack's so in love with it (B)
8) Collateral - Tom Cruise looks better as a villian (B+)
9) Dead Man Walking - Slow but effective. The performances by Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn are unforgettable (A+)
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