March 12th, 2005


Strange Days

Strange dreams only happen in Melbourne, apparently. God it's been a long time I experienced such vivid dreams.

Nightmare 1: I was refused entry to Kelly Chen's concert because I did not have my tickets with me.
I rushed home to retreive my tickets and when I rushed back, my tickets are still gone.
It's totally no-sense nonsense but trusty me, it was really freaky.

Nightmare 2: My mum decided to buy a bigger place in Kembangan. I almost lost my breathe when
my grandmother and my uncle's family had already moved in with us when I returned home.
Worse still, my mother decided that my room should'nt have a door so that I cannot bring
whoever I wanna bring back home to er hem. It was so bad that I was smoking two ciggies
in my mouth at the same time.

I think Zyban® is really driving me crazy.
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