October 24th, 2004



I woke up this morning to see my precious 3 year old LV wallet tored up by lovely bengy. It's totally heart break lor. 300 bucks for his dessert. Then never mind, diarrhoea from LV overload. I whack and I tied up his snout and I caned and caned and I hurt my leg in the process. Locked him up most of the day in the laundry room and I sat outside the living room, almost fainted from high blood pressure. Go report RSPCA.

Then when I was panting while having a bloody ciggie, images of my mother beating me came back again. Sigh. I miss mummy so much. I can truly understand how she felt, and at the end of the day, no matter how angry a parent can get, he/she will always welcome back the long lost son/daughter.

Guess what bengy is doing now? He's licking my wound from beating him. I feel bad again for beating him. But at least I meant well. There mommy, children always love their parents too.
I think.
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