October 21st, 2004


Homo Phobia

自强(geh kiang). Think I am homo doing queer theory will be very easy. Pui Pui Pui!
P.S: Judith Butler your language is horrible
When the term has been used as a paralyzing slur, as the mundane interpellation of pathologized sexuality, it has produced the user of the term as the emblem and vehicle of normalization; the occasion of its utterance, as the discursive regulation of the boundaries of sexual legitimacy.
[In other words, queer has been used for humiliating PLUs for socially constructed gender stereotypes. People who uses this term to afflict pain on other people is because, erm... they are abit queer as well (read Robin Wood's THE RETURN OF THE REPRESSED).]

This is just one sentence. Someone kill me.