September 8th, 2004


The Correct Prescription

The best way to raise an obedient dog/pet
(a) constant affection and encouragement (b) wag whack the dog

The best way to change a criminal into a saint
(a) rehabilitation, education and therapy (b) capital punishment or a stiff jail sentence

The best way to keep a healthy relationship with your lover/wife/spouse/husband...
(a) trust, support and communication (b) controlling and stressing

The best way to prevent your child from picking up bad habits
(a) constant attention, loving and understanding (b) ground him/her so that you can keep a close eye on him/her all the time

No right answer. East/West traditions and beliefs.
Some people deserve to be trusted and some, not.
Some people who cannot be trusted, then why do they deserve the love?
Perhaps there are people who deserve to be treated as animals/beasts.
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