July 10th, 2004



I have learnt an important lesson today. Gossiping is bad. It destroys relationships.

Treasure those around you. Be truthful to yourself. To those I have hurt, to those who have hurt you: It's not the past that matters; it's the future.
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Silly Little Things

A week full of awkuard moments, accompanied with joy, anger and sadness. Old friends appeared suddenly to study in Melbourne and everything has became surreal. All the ghosts came back. All the spirits from the past.

Forced to revisit my tombstone, I realised there were so many friendships scarred due to the most trivial matters unimaginable. Just like so many people out there, I was childish, over defensive, and too quiet for my own good. It's haunting me, yet hysterically hilarious. Friends you thought wouldn't betray you, creating imaginative, silly stories that gets worse from mouth to mouths ( I didn't know I was a HOT topic ). Some couple out there quarreling because of my existence ( Ohhh I am actually influencial ). Having an argument with the cow over who monopolizes the blanket pissed me off ( That uncontrollable sleeping habits can actually inspire furor ). I sat alone overwhelmed from all these silly little things, depressed for one moment and laughed uncontrollably thereafter.

It is really that funny.
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