October 18th, 2002



It's so nice to find new frens thru LJs..
but imagine that, thru LJs you find old frens who have been actually using them! found kenichi my good fren for so long who is studyin in brisbane now.... piggywiggy and renton should know who is jianpei too ... my str8 fren who always hang around with metalicunt kelvin, black chicken, weiqiang2206 etc ...

Slept at 6am this morning, woke up before 12... feel like my biological clock has been changed totally, feel like my whole life is unravelling

Studied for one whole week, and as the weekend comes nearer, my resolution NOT to club goes weaker.

"study for one week already can go de-stress"
"just a few hours of clubbing will actually make studying more effective"
"you mean you can actually study from 12 - 3am effectively"

Hmmm... very convincing...
Should I?
or ... Should I not...

"why not?" so that's the answer? no wonder...


Decisions decisions....
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