September 24th, 2002


See Hum

Long time since i ate Cockles... except for the cooked ones in laksa or char kway teow.
The craving was so bad, went down to lagoon hawker at EC to have dinner with marklo2804 and cowie.
Since cowie was totally grossed out by the blood and the cockles, me and mark shared $5 worth of cockles amounting to more than 100 of it.... I had at least 50 of it....
The tender meat, the blood, the chilli, and the smell of the sea...

And the possibility of having food poisoning and hep B?

Wanton mee there is power as well. After which went to zouk wine bar to portray what we singaporeans are best for, be cheapo and enjoy the "one for one for all drinks all night long on mondays"

Did not had much, but we played some games.... Was kinda dumb but yeah, it's really fun.
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