September 23rd, 2002


Lan Lan

I find it quite funny though quite angry at the same time
I thought i have handled it quite well yet, subconsiously, it got worse
I thought things would be better, when SMS-kings like renton goes back
I think we have come to the technology where the fingers "talk" more than the mouth

I thought there will be an improvement

GSM M1-M1 SMS send = 971 = $48.55
GSM M1-other op = 1610 = $80.50
GSM M1-overseas = 20 = $ 3.00
GSM auto roaming sms send = 17 = $10.54 ( while i was in JB )
Total = 2618 =$142.59

This is so ridiculous, and the sms at JB costs $0.62/sms. Please do not sms in JB!
Just one month back on 23rd august the total sms was 2537
I swear I really controlled alot! I really do not know what happened! And i thought i should talk more on the phone, which accounts to another hundred bucks. Imagine spending more than 500 bucks on two months of phone bill...
I can really drink alot of lambos, buy LV, tiffany, 10 stitches, buying a hula girl on my car.....

Once bitten twice shy
yet some people just never learn
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