September 2nd, 2002


An autobiography of a CHEONGster

You! Yes You! Why Cheong every weekend?

Can't Help It...
Addicted to alcohol
Waiting for the "satine" of your life to arrive?

Went CENTRO 360 yesterday again.. hmm no free entry 'cos guess it's the term recess.. was quite crowded. Was interesting, yet returned home with mixed feelings.

1. Saw the bastard Pui, i saw him and i walked away... Later came up to me cowardly and offered me beer, smiled back, " i dun drink beer " ooohhh what a lie! Later SMSed me and asked me to take good care of myself. Yes i will, you are the motivation for me to make up what i have lost the last 2 years

2. Saw my good fren TSW, haha always nice to club with JC mates. Saw Tim for once having fun in Centro ( instead of YN ). Saw bronski dancing on the podium. Saw KUMAR in a very womanly figure and gorgeous rebonded hair. Saw the slut with G-strings....

3. Saw Sue, a very gorgeous girl i met 2 weeks back... She really is very pretty, a kind of very elegant look... Then realised that she is a journalist for the Straits times... and that... she's malay. I mean she doesnt look malay at all ( ok i am not THAT racist ) but wow.... i will certainly go after her if .. ya noe.. whatever allows. ( sigh ) BReaThTakiNG
Oh and she asked me whether i am HALF-japanese!! haha

Gotta make new resolutions.. things come as they will
Gonna study hard for the last part of my sem, no more of clubbing 3 days in a row. Gonna find a great sport to Wack. And not gonna break the rule... NEVER FALL IN LOVE
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