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It's been long since i updated cos my internet connection is down as i just changed my internet connection from magix to singnet broadband 512.

Enjoying my holidays very much.. went to Genting, KL, endless drinks, endless mahjong sessions, the return of flashypink.... how i wish all these will never end. But while things end, enjoy good things while it lasts. I think it applies for all cases... doesn't it?

Took some snaps.. probably would've seen 'em at cowie's journal. Ah... but what the heck.

Divine, me and cowie enjoying the cool weather.. Shiok

A very nice photo i took ( i think ) of tacuma at Third world hotel

The five of us outside a silly haunted house trying to scare us

Smoking coloured ciggies after a shopping spree at Star Hill

Not being obstentatious, but my new beloved possessions

haha .. a classic.. stole this poster at the hawker streets at 3+am

... and Ms Black showing off his divine figure...
Well, it's your words against mine.
Stop lying you loose queen!

hahaha it's now my, yubin's and tacuma's words against yours!!! YOU LOSE!!! HAHAHAHAHA....
I'm not the Lose Queen, Yubin is.
You are biased so none of your words can be taken into account.
Tacuma is influenced by your words, ie useless and also cannot be taken into account.
Therefore it is still my words against the Loose Queen's.
you then loose endurance queen!! whatever!!! what does it got to do with me!!!