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Going to KL later an I am still awake... will be back on Sunday or Monday...
Take care friends.. Hope i will have fun
Wow ur reply is real fast man! haha.. nice right their clothes? There is one local brand called Peter Hoe I think. Think their clothes are very simple in design. And its nice too. =)

Budget manz! Muz save liao rite? =) not very familiar w KL cos I seldom go there unless my parents or friends go down n I join them. =P
see that you put up nice user pics.. ;)
my fashion knowledge quite lousy so hmmm i dunno what you are talkin abt! hahaha
*bleah* nice user pics? haha.. joking right? haha.. oh u mean u re not clear w the sentence "Budget manz! Muz save liao rite?" Well in short save den go shopping again lorz haha...
yeah i hope i hope.... must save money ... economic crisis!
Of course it is!